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8' & Up


Embrace the Fusion of Nature and Innovation

Thermoash panelling combines nature’s beauty with modern technology. It’s not just wood; it’s strong and stylish. Using smart methods, Thermoash wood lasts a long time and still looks natural. It’s a mix of looking good and being tough, making your walls look fancy. With Thermo Ash, you get the best of both worlds: nature and innovation, in simple words. Embrace the future of paneling with Thermo Ash, where nature and innovation harmoniously coexist.

Why Thermoash Panelling?

Enjoy the exceptional advantages:

Decay Resistance:

Thermo ash wood panels are inherently resistant to decay, ensuring a long-lasting investment.

Dimensional Stability:

With Thermoash, you can trust that your paneling will maintain its shape and structure over time, even in changing climates.

Visual Appeal:

Thermoash’s natural beauty and distinctive grain patterns add a touch of luxury and character to your interiors.


Thermoash’s innovative enhancement process results in paneling that’s not only visually stunning but also remarkably durable.

Eco-friendly Choice:

Thermo Ash wood panels are sourced from certified, renewable forests, aligning with sustainable practices.

Ease of Maintenance:

Thermoash requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal choice for busy lifestyles.

Explore Thermoash’s Artistry

Witness how it transforms spaces, from homes to commercial marvels. Let our gallery inspire your vision for a space adorned with Thermoash’s elegance and charm, offering endless possibilities.

Transform Spaces with Vrikshat’s Thermoash Panelling


1. Can Thermo Ash be used in high-moisture areas like bathrooms?

Thermo Ash can be used in areas with moderate moisture, but it may not be ideal for high-moisture environments like bathrooms. It’s best suited for living rooms, offices, and similar spaces.

2. How do I maintain Thermo Ash wood paneling?

Thermo Ash is relatively low maintenance. Regular dusting and occasional cleaning with a mild wood cleaner are usually sufficient to keep it looking beautiful over the years.

3. Can Thermo Ash wood paneling be installed outdoors?

Thermoash panelling is primarily designed for interior use. While it’s more weather-resistant than untreated wood, it’s not recommended for direct exposure to outdoor elements. 

4. Does Thermo Ash change color over the years?

Thermo Ash panels may experience some natural color changes over time, which can enhance their unique character. These changes are often subtle and contribute to the wood’s charm.

5. Are there any special installation considerations for Thermo Ash wood paneling?

Thermo Ash should be installed by professionals familiar with wood paneling. Proper acclimatization, handling, and installation techniques are crucial to ensure its longevity and appearance.

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