Laminate Flooring

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Eco-Friendly Elegance at Your Feet

Natural wood laminate flooring offers the beauty of wood without using solid wood in its construction, making it an eco-friendly choice. Comprising four bonded layers, including a moisture-resistant layer and high-density fiberboard, it ensures durability. A high-resolution image of natural wood and a tough, resin-coated cellulose finish create a stunning appearance. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking cost-effective and easy-to-maintain flooring, with the enduring charm of hardwood, minus the hassle of waxes or polishes. Enjoy the elegance and convenience of laminate flooring today!

Why Laminate Flooring ?

Enjoy the exceptional advantages:


Laminate flooring offers the look of real wood or tile at a fraction of the cost, making it budget-friendly for homeowners

Low Maintenance:

Unlike solid wood, laminate doesn’t require special treatments, making it easy to clean and maintain with regular sweeping and occasional damp mopping.

Moisture Resistance:

Many laminate options have moisture-resistant layers, making them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.


Laminate flooring often uses sustainable materials, contributing to environmentally responsible choices.


It doesn’t harbor allergens like dust mites or pet dander, making it a healthier choice for allergy-prone individuals.

Fade Resistance:

Laminate flooring is less likely to fade from sunlight exposure, preserving its original appearance for longer.

Explore Laminate Flooring’s Artistry

Witness how it transforms spaces, from homes to commercial marvels. Let our gallery inspire your vision for a space adorned with natural wood laminate flooring‘s elegance and charm, offering endless possibilities.

Transform Spaces with Vrikshat’s Laminate Flooring


1. What exactly is laminate flooring, and how does it differ from hardwood or tile?

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring product composed of multiple layers, including a high-resolution photographic image of natural wood or tile, covered by a clear, protective resin layer. It replicates the look of real hardwood or tile but is more cost-effective. Unlike hardwood, laminate is not made of real wood and is generally more resistant to scratches and moisture than both hardwood and tile.

2. Is laminate flooring suitable for areas with high moisture, like bathrooms or kitchens?

Laminate flooring with a moisture-resistant core can be suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, but it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and maintain proper sealing to prevent moisture damage.

3. Can I install laminate flooring on my own, or should I hire a professional installer?

Laminate flooring often features a user-friendly click-lock system that allows for DIY installation. However, hiring a professional installer ensures a smooth, warranty-compliant installation, particularly for larger or complex areas.

4. Are there any specific cleaning and maintenance requirements for laminate floors?

Laminate floors are relatively easy to maintain. Regular sweeping or vacuuming and occasional damp mopping with a manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution suffice. Avoid excess moisture and abrasive cleaners to prevent damage.

5. Can laminate flooring be installed over existing flooring, like tile or hardwood?

In some cases, laminate can be installed over existing flooring if it’s in good condition, level, and properly prepared. Consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and consider hiring a professional to assess the suitability of the existing flooring.

6. What are the available design options, and can laminate flooring mimic the look of real wood or tile effectively?

Laminate flooring offers a wide range of design options, including various wood species, tile patterns, and colors. High-quality laminate can convincingly mimic the appearance of real wood or tile, with a vast selection of styles and finishes to match your desired aesthetic.

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