Thermo ash Ceilings

Beauty in Every Panel, Serenity in Every Sound With Vrikshat’s Thermoash Ceilings

Explore Beauty and Sound in Harmony

Thermo ash Ceilings is a remarkable choice for those seeking both aesthetics and functionality. Crafted through an innovative thermal modification process, Thermo Ash wood gains exceptional durability while retaining its natural beauty. Its rich, warm tones and distinctive grain patterns add a touch of timeless elegance to any interior space. Beyond its visual appeal, Thermo Ash Ceiling excels in acoustic performance, enhancing sound quality and reducing noise. Contact Vrikshat and elevate your space with the sophistication of Thermo Ash Ceiling

Why Thermo ash Ceiling?

Enjoy the exceptional advantages:


Thermo Ash Ceiling Panels are highly durable and resistant to wear, ensuring they last for many years.

Natural Beauty:

They exhibit rich, warm tones and distinctive grain patterns that add timeless elegance to any space.

Innovative Process:

Thermo Ash wood undergoes an innovative thermal modification process, enhancing its strength and stability.

Acoustic Enhancement:

These panels excel in acoustic performance, improving sound quality and reducing noise in rooms.

Low Maintenance:

Minimal maintenance, such as occasional cleaning, is required to keep the panels looking their best.

Health and Safety:

Thermo ash ceilings are generally safe for interior use, with minimal health or safety concerns.

Explore Thermo ash Ceilings’s Artistry

Witness how it transforms spaces, from homes to commercial marvels. Let our gallery inspire your vision for a space adorned with thermo ash ceiling‘s elegance and charm, offering endless possibilities.

Transform Spaces with Vrikshat’s Thermo ash Ceilings


1. What is Thermo Ash, and how is it different from traditional wood ceilings?

Thermo Ash is wood that undergoes a thermal modification process for enhanced durability and stability, making it ideal for ceilings.

2. How does Thermo Ash perform in terms of resistance to moisture and humidity?

Thermo Ash’s thermal modification makes it highly resistant to moisture, reducing the risk of warping or decay.

3. Is Thermo Ash suitable for outdoor ceilings, such as covered patios or verandas?

Thermo Ash’s resistance to moisture makes it a suitable choice for covered outdoor ceiling applications.

4. What maintenance is required for Thermo Ash ceilings to maintain their appearance?

Thermo Ash ceilings are generally low maintenance and may require occasional cleaning to retain their natural look.

5. What warranty options are available for Thermo Ash ceilings, and what is their expected lifespan?

Warranty terms may vary by manufacturer, but with proper care, Thermo Ash ceilings can last for many years, providing enduring beauty and performance.

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