Experience the Ultimate in Wood Care With Our Exceptional Wood Oil

Vrikshat’s Wood Oil enriches wood’s natural beauty while safeguarding against wear and tear. Deeply penetrating and eco-friendly, it’s the ultimate choice for preserving and enhancing your wood surfaces, from floors to furnishings.

Discover the Wonders of Wood Oil

Holistic Wellness:

Natural oils offer relaxation, stress relief, rejuvenation, supporting overall well-being through aromatherapy.

Environmental Harmony:

Choose sustainability with ethical sourcing, preserving India’s ecosystem, and conscious practices.

Customization and Blending:

Create a personalized aromatic symphony, blending wood oils aligned with intentions and preferences.

Extended Shelf Life:

Store unopened in a cool, dry place, protected from frost, ensuring a minimum 24-month product lifespan.

Furniture and Decking:

Ideal for (garden) furniture and wooden decking, enhancing protection and longevity.

Wide Wood Compatibility:

Effective on various wood types, including teak, bangkirai, larch, Douglas fir, and Accoya.

Why Our Wood Oil over PU Polish?


Our natural wood oil offers a cost-effective solution compared to other alternatives, ensuring quality without breaking the bank.


Applying our wood oil is a time-efficient process, allowing you to achieve a beautiful finish in less time compared to traditional methods.

Natural Aesthetics:

Experience the natural beauty of wood with our oil, enhancing the wood’s grains and textures while maintaining its authentic look.

Versatile Colors:

Our wood oil comes in a range of versatile colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to complement your décor and preferences.

Our Wood Oil Offering

Water-Based Wood Oil

Our Water-based wood oil is a popular choice for environmentally conscious homeowners. It provides a clear, low-VOC finish that enhances the natural beauty of wood while being easy on the environment. It dries quickly, has a mild odor, and is easy to clean up with water.

Oil-Based Wood Oil

Our Oil-based wood oil offers a rich, deep finish that brings out the wood’s natural colors and grain patterns. It provides excellent durability and protection against wear and tear. While it has a longer drying time and a stronger odor than water-based alternatives, it typically requires less frequent reapplication. This makes it a preferred choice for high-traffic areas and outdoor use.

Why Choose Vrikshat?

Environmentally Friendly



Termite Resistant

Enhanced Durability

Easy to Install

Revealing Remarkable Transformations

From rustic allure to contemporary grace, our array of wood oils complements your unique aesthetic. Elevate your space with authenticity.

Elevate Your Space with Nature's Essence - Wild Wood Oils of India

Contact us today for personalized guidance and find the ideal wood oil solution for your project.


1. What is wood oil used for?

Wood oil is used to protect, nourish, and enhance the appearance of wood surfaces. It provides a natural finish and helps to maintain the wood’s beauty over time.

2. How do I apply wood oil?

Applying wood oil is easy. Clean the surface, apply the oil evenly using a brush or cloth, and allow it to penetrate the wood. Wipe off any excess after a few minutes for a smooth finish.

3. Can I use wood oil indoors and outdoors?

Yes, you can use wood oil both indoors and outdoors. There are pigmented variants suitable for exterior use, and clear variants ideal for interior wood or wood in sheltered outdoor areas.

4. How long does wood oil last on wood surfaces?

When stored properly and applied correctly, wood oil can provide protection and enhancement for at least 24 months. Regular maintenance coats may be needed for high-traffic areas.

5. Is wood oil environmentally friendly?

Yes, many wood oils are formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients. Water-based options with low solvent content are often chosen for their sustainability and low impact on the environment.

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