Explore Wood Products - Our Heritage, Facilities, and Commitment

A Legacy of 65 Years in Wood Business, Now Crafting Timeless Wood Creations with Excellence. We craft and supply dependable, premium wood products for your everyday needs.

Our History

Rooted in the 65-year expertise of wood products, we provide a range of wooden products, from panels to wood oil, while upholding sustainable practices. Embracing eco-consciousness, our legacy thrives as we create a greener world for all with:

  1. Total Satisfaction
  2. Top Quality
  3. Quality Assurance
  4. Customer Focus
  5. Expert Team
  6. Premium Materials

Explore Our Superiority

Achieving Success:

Your success and positive experiences are at the core of our mission. We adopt a customer-centric approach, offering products and strategies that empower you to reach greater heights.

Dedicated to Sustainability:

We believe in mutual accountability as we work towards a more sustainable future. Our products not only adhere to green building standards but also exemplify our commitment to preserving wildlife and ecosystems within our vast forests.

Commitment to Excellence :

Our products mirror our values and unwavering dedication to excellence. Timber Products’ vertically integrated manufacturing processes ensure consistent, top-tier quality from inception to completion.

Thermory Thermowood – Natural Beauty That's Built to Last

Vrikshat excels in offering Thermory Thermowood products, renowned for their enduring natural beauty and durability. With a unique thermal modification process, they resist environmental stressors, making them the perfect choice for lasting, attractive wood applications in any environment.

Exploring Wood for Your Space?

Reach out to us today for personalized advice and discover the perfect wood products for your project.
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