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Vrikshat takes pride in being India’s first and foremost wood products manufacturer, offering an unparalleled range of authentic wooden solutions. Our commitment to crafting excellence goes beyond aesthetics – it’s about creating sustainable, enduring, and transformative living spaces. Discover a world of Vrikshat excellence, categorized

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Vrikshat’s Wood Panelling

Enhance your space with the timeless elegance of wooden paneling from Vrikshat. Crafted from carefully selected hardwoods, our wood partition walls panels showcase exquisite grain patterns and durability. Their interlocking tongue-and-groove structure ensures easy installation, creating warm and inviting interiors that stand the test of time. Elevate your surroundings with Vrikshat’s wooden paneling today.

Vrikshat’s Flooring

The Dynamic Collection from Vrikshat presents an affordable yet high-quality option for those seeking easy-to-install natural flooring. These floors, known for their accessibility, don’t compromise on quality or variety. In fact, our dynamic collection of hardwood flooring boasts an extensive selection of colors, patterns, finishes, and dimensions, staying in sync with current trends. Vrikshat ensures that customers can find their ideal bamboo flooring solution by offering various collections, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of all.

Vrikshat’s Ceilings

Elevate your ceilings with the natural allure of wood from Vrikshat. We meticulously select hardwoods, such as oak, cedar, or maple, to create stunning white oak ceiling planks. These planks are designed to enhance the aesthetics of your space, highlighting the wood’s unique grain patterns and warmth. Discover the beauty of Vrikshat’s wood ceilings today.

Vrikshat’s Decking Boards

Your gateway to outdoor serenity. These decking boards are meticulously designed to withstand the elements while providing a comfortable surface to step on. Crafted from high-quality, weather-resistant wood, they create the perfect platform for unforgettable outdoor experiences and relaxation in the heart of nature.

Vrikshat’s Exterior Cladding

Crafted with precision from top-grade, weather-resistant wood like cedar and redwood, our cladding boasts durability and timeless charm. Its innovative interlocking structure ensures easy installation while providing your exterior with protection from the elements. Elevate your property’s appeal with Vrikshat’s exquisite Exterior Cladding, where craftsmanship meets nature’s beauty.

Vrikshat’s Veneer

Vrikshat’s Veneer Wood, a testament to craftsmanship and natural beauty, is meticulously crafted from a variety of premium woods including oak, walnut, and cherry. Our veneers showcase the intricate beauty of wood grain patterns, expertly sliced and layered for maximum visual impact. Each sheet boasts exceptional structural integrity, making it perfect for adding elegance and warmth to your interior spaces. Elevate your design with Vrikshat’s Veneer.

Vrikshat’s Wood Oil

Our Natural Wood Oil is carefully crafted using a blend of natural oils, including linseed and tung oil, to deeply penetrate and nourish the wood fibers. Its unique molecular structure ensures optimal absorption, enhancing the wood’s durability and preserving its natural beauty. Suitable for a wide range of wood types, Vrikshat’s Wood Oil is your go-to choice for protecting and enhancing the longevity of your wooden surfaces.

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Step into a world of inspiration as we unveil a stunning collection of recent projects from exquisite wooden paneling to captivating ceiling designs, luxurious veneers, and the transformative power of our wood oils.

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1. What types of wood are used for your wooden paneling?

 We use a variety of premium hardwoods like oak, cherry, and walnut for our wooden panelling, ensuring both beauty and durability.

2. Are your wooden ceilings suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, our wooden ceilings are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

3. What makes your decking boards weather-resistant?

Our decking boards are made from specially treated hardwoods that can endure various weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance.

4. Can I customize the color or finish of the exterior cladding?

Absolutely! We offer various finishes and can work with you to achieve your desired look.

5. What wood options are available for your flooring products?

 We offer a wide selection of wood species for flooring, ranging from classic oaks to exotic hardwoods, catering to different design preferences.

6. What is the best way to apply your wood oil?

We recommend applying our natural wood oil using a brush or cloth, ensuring even coverage. Follow the instructions on the product for the best results.

7. Do you offer different veneer thicknesses?

 Yes, we provide various thickness options to accommodate your specific project requirements.

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