Revitalize Your Interiors with the Timeless Charm of Wooden Panelling

Experience the exquisite beauty of Vrikshat’s Wooden Panelling, a versatile design solution with multiple layers of solid wood panels. The top layer promises enduring wear resistance and unmatched longevity.

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Discover the Wonders of Wooden Panelling

Sound Insulation:

Wooden panels can improve acoustic properties, reducing noise levels and creating a quieter and more peaceful environment.

Thermal Insulation:

Wood wall paneling provides natural insulation, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy consumption.


Quality wooden paneling is durable and long-lasting, with proper maintenance, it can withstand years of use.

Easy Maintenance:

Wooden panels are relatively easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for busy households.

Environmentally Friendly:

Sustainable sourcing practices make wooden panelling an eco-friendly choice, contributing to a greener environment.

Increased Property Value:

Homes with wooden paneling often have higher resale value due to the premium and timeless aesthetic they offer.

Why Our Thermoash Wood Panelling over PVC Panelling?

Adaptive Repairs:

In the event of damage or wear, wood wall paneling can often be repaired or refinished, extending its lifespan.

Natural Cooling:

Wood paneling’s natural insulating properties can help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning.

No Off-Gassing:

Wooden paneling emits no harmful off-gassing, contributing to better indoor air quality, whereas PVC and WPC can release VOCs.

Wood Sourcing Transparency:

You can have transparency regarding the origin of your materials, promoting responsible consumption, which may be uncertain with PVC.

Why Choose Vrikshat?

Environmentally Friendly



Termite Resistant

Enhanced Durability

Easy to Install

Revealing Remarkable Projects

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1. How can I choose the right wood species for my panelling project?

Consider the aesthetic qualities of different wood species, such as grain patterns and color variations. Also, factor in the durability and suitability of the wood for the intended space. Our experts can guide you in selecting the perfect wood species for your project.

2. Can reclaimed wood panelling be integrated into modern interiors?

Absolutely. Reclaimed wood adds character and a sense of history to modern spaces. It can be used to create a unique focal point or an accent wall, infusing your interiors with a touch of authenticity.

3. How do I maintain and clean wood panelling effectively?

To maintain wood panelling, regularly dust with a soft, dry cloth or a gentle vacuum cleaner attachment. For cleaning, use a damp cloth with a mild, wood-friendly cleaner. Avoid excessive moisture or harsh chemicals, as they can damage the finish. For specific care recommendations, consult our experts.

4. Is wood panelling a sustainable choice for interior design?

Yes, wood panelling can be a sustainable choice. When sourced from responsibly managed forests and with proper certifications, it supports eco-friendly practices. Additionally, wood is a renewable resource, and some reclaimed wood options further reduce environmental impact.

5. Can wood panelling be used in humid environments, such as bathrooms or kitchens?

Yes, wood panelling can be used in humid environments with proper preparation and maintenance. Ensure the wood is adequately sealed and finished to protect against moisture. Additionally, proper ventilation and humidity control can help maintain the integrity of wood panelling in these spaces. Consult with our experts for guidance on suitable wood species and finishes.

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