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Crafting Dreams in Wood: Your Ultimate Destination for Exceptional Products!

From captivating Wooden Panelling to sophisticated Ceilings, resilient Decking Boards to timeless Exterior Cladding, sumptuous Flooring to nourishing Wood Oil, and captivating Veneer – we present a symphony of choices that speak to your aesthetic aspirations.

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Discover India’s Premier Natural Wood Flooring

If you're seeking for wooden flooring with beauty, durability, and uncompromising quality, as well as experienced assistance from the friendly team, you've come to the perfect spot.

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Preserving and protecting wood for millennia with wood Oil

Explore improved durability, fewer coats, faster drying, and easier maintenance with Vrikshat’s wood oil at an affordable price.

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Upgrade your home with our exquisite Veneer collection

Our veneers are one-of-a-kind since each flitch of veneer has a different pattern, is long-lasting, and E1 compliant. Redefine home with us.

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Sustainable Solution Beyond Compare with our Exterior Cladding

Experience the epitome of sustainability, fire-resistance, and enduring aesthetics with Vrikshat's Exterior Cladding. Explore us today!

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Both Durability and Aesthetics With Our Eco-Friendly Decking Boards

Our boards not only withstand the harshest weather conditions but also offer a comfortable, slip-resistant surface. Create your perfect outdoor oasis now.

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Infuse Every Room With Natural Warmth With Our Ceilings

Experience the timeless beauty and versatility of wood while elevating the acoustic performance of your space. Redefine your interiors with our architectural masterpieces.

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Renew Your Interiors with our Enduring Wooden Panelling

Our wooden panelling ensures long-lasting wear resistance and unmatched durability, rejuvenating your interiors with enduring beauty.

Why Choose Vrikshat?

We Stand As India’s First Wood Products Manufacturer with the Widest Range

Environmentally Friendly



Termite Resistant

Enhanced Durability

Easy to Install

Our Products

About Vrikshat

A Legacy of 65 Years in Wood Business, Now Crafting Timeless Wood Creations with Excellence

Rooted in the 65-year expertise of Bansal Forest Products, we provide a range of wooden products, from panels to wood oil, while upholding sustainable practices. Our mission is to harmonize nature with urban living, crafting quality offerings sourced from certified, renewable forests. Embracing eco-consciousness, our legacy thrives as we create a greener world for all.

Our Latest Projects

Step into a realm of craftsmanship and innovation with our latest projects. From elegant Wooden Panelling that adds warmth and character to any space, to sophisticated Ceilings that redefine the way you perceive your surroundings. Discover the beauty of our Decking Boards, perfect for creating inviting outdoor retreats, and the striking appeal of Exterior Cladding that transforms facades into works of art.

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Imagine your Wall

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Crafting Your Perfect Space – We've Got You Covered

Ready to transform your space with our premium wooden products? Reach out to us today and let’s bring your vision to life. Contact Vrikshat for panelling, ceilings, decking boards, exterior cladding, flooring, wood oil, and veneer solutions. Your perfect space awaits!


1. Why should I choose Vrikshat for my wooden products?

Discover the Vrikshat difference through our commitment to eco-friendliness, sustainability, affordability, termite resistance, thermal modification benefits, and easy installation.

2. What sets Vrikshat apart from other brands?

Vrikshat boasts a legacy of 65 years in the wood business, ensuring top-quality products, customer focus, expert teams, and the use of premium materials.

3. Can you provide examples of your recent projects?

Explore our latest projects, ranging from elegant Wooden Panelling to sophisticated Ceilings, inviting Decking Boards, and striking Exterior Cladding that transforms facades.

4. What is your delivery process?

We maintain transparency throughout our delivery process, ensuring your satisfaction with every step. Feel free to inquire about our comprehensive approach.

5. How can I get started on crafting my perfect space with Vrikshat?

Contact us now to turn your space into something extraordinary. Whether it’s panelling, ceilings, decking boards, cladding, flooring, wood oil, or veneer solutions, we’re here to help you create your dream space.

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