Walnut Veneer

Explore the Beauty of Walnut Veneer with Vrikshat

Richness of Walnut Veneer for Your Projects.

Vrikshat offers a wide range of walnut veneer products, including flexible sheets, edge banding, and cabinet refacing kits. Choose from various cuts, sizes, and backer options, including 3M™ PSA for easy application. Additionally, we provide eco-friendly reconstituted veneer, made from sustainable wood species, for a matching walnut look. Our edge banding comes unfinished with pre-glue or fleeceback options, adding convenience to your projects.

Why Walnut Veneer?

Enjoy the exceptional advantages:

Versatile Usage:

It’s suitable for a wide range of applications, including furniture, cabinetry, interior paneling, doors, and decorative accents.

Ease of Workability:

Walnut veneer is known for its fine to moderately coarse texture and medium porous to uniform grain.

Custom Finishes:

You can finish Walnut veneer with stains or natural clear coats to preserve its natural color and enhance its beauty, giving you creative freedom.

Medium Density:

Walnut is a hardwood of medium density, offering strength and durability while remaining easy to handle.

Eco-Friendly Alternatives:

Eco-conscious customers can opt for reconstituted veneer, which replicates the walnut look using sustainable wood species.

Convenient Edge Banding:

Our edge banding options, available unfinished with pre-glue or fleeceback.

Explore Walnut Veneer’s Artistry

Witness how it transforms spaces, from homes to commercial marvels. Let our gallery inspire your vision for a space adorned with walnut veneer‘s elegance and charm, offering endless possibilities.

Transform Spaces with Vrikshat’s Walnut Veneer


1. Is Walnut veneer easy to maintain?

Yes, regular dusting and occasional polishing help maintain the beauty of Walnut veneer.

2. Can Walnut veneer be used for both traditional and modern design projects?

Absolutely! Walnut veneer complements a wide range of design styles, from traditional to contemporary.

3. What is the difference between reconstituted veneer and natural Walnut veneer?

Reconstituted veneer replicates the appearance of Walnut veneer using sustainable wood species, making it an eco-friendly alternative.

4. Is Walnut veneer suitable for outdoor applications?

No, Walnut veneer is primarily intended for indoor use as it may not withstand outdoor weather conditions.

5. Can I stain Walnut veneer to achieve a darker shade?

Yes, Walnut veneer readily accepts stains, allowing you to customize its color to your liking.

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